FeelInGlass® introduces new possibilities in thin glass usage thanks to its range of decorative glass for interiors.

FeelInspiration translates the lightness of thin glass with trending shades and textures to bring unique feelings to interior environments.

Thin glass evolves as a versatile material, so are our ranges. Discover them in an inspirational collection of 3 series of designs and patterns to widen your scope.


“Sharing” reflects the necessity for individuals to conciliate interaction with their environment and privacy at the same time.
Seven shades and patterns dedicated to adaptability and connectivity in shared spaces.


“Serenity” is meant to provide a relax feeling to people insulating themselves from their surroundings.
Seven shades and patterns allowing a complete composure and peacefulness.


“Dynamism”, a true synergy between the frenzy daily life and the stability of integrated and connected spaces.
Seven shades and patterns translating an easthetically pleasant and fast paced environment.

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