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FeelInGlass® offers a wide range of solutions to improve mobility.
Whether in cars, trains or planes, thin glass can be used for clusters, screens, dashboards, partitions or anything else, perfectly designed to go with any type of interior.

Its thickness and premium finish bring you closer to your feelings than any other glass can, while keeping you connected to your environment at the same time.

Conceived to go perfectly with your transport interior, this sustainable material will fit your expectations.


FeelInGlass® can adapt to a wide range of surfaces and can combine with all types of materials.

Whether your main concern is aesthetic appearance, product design or raising the performance of connected devices, we respect the spirit of your interior thanks to our innovative glass.

Whether you prefer textile, wood or stone, it enables you to obtain clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic, with trending colours and exciting textures on walls, furniture or electronic devices.

And more

And more

The properties of thin glass open up a wide range of possible implementations. We develop uses for it based on your inspiration and requirements.
Our services draw on our own expertise and that of our partners, while respecting the practical needs of our customers.
By working together we have the potential to imagine the environment of tomorrow and make it a reality.

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