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Mobility needs are evolving, so are our ranges of solutions.

FeelInGlass® is by your side to develop the most relevant thin glass products to deal with your requirements.

Our ranges of thin glass FeelInMotion fit with the constraints in automotive interiors whether it is used for clusters, screen covers, control panels.

FeelInGlass® ensures lightweight, strong mechanical properties and great optical performance.

Thereby, we develop a wide range of surface treatments also enhancing the aesthetic and touch aspects.


Our know-how combines great aesthetic aspect and product integration.

FeelInGlass® introduces new possibilities in thin glass usage thanks to its range of decorative glass for interiors.

Discover them in our three inspirational collections presented in a physical sample box, to widen your scope.


01. Sharing

At the time of sharing economy and places, glass is able to make people closer, as well as creating private spaces.

People take part in private and public sharing systems. They enjoy daily places with a variety of objectives, ranging from leisure to urban commuting.

This scenario serves privacy through personalised location while promoting information and resource sharing. It is a daily challenge to find environments meeting all these needs.

The adaptability and connectivity of glass in shared spaces can provide an optimal user experience regarding an individual’s wishes.

02. Serenity

Daily life is characterised by duality between private and shared spaces, mobility and fixity, urban and rural landscapes.

People are trying to fill their needs by achieving their life motives and by reconnecting with their environment. 

Glass gives them the opportunity to decouple from hyperstimulating surroundings to enter into a bubble of privacy.

By spending time in a comfortable environment, they have the possibility to connect with their true selves and to anchor in the moment.

Glass can help them to fulfil their desire for lightness and stability.

03. Dynamism

Professional life constitutes a major aspect of everyday life.

Individuals must always be more efficient and productive in frenetic environments. They long for connecting with themselves and to their entourage. They are in touch with many contacts and places. Consequently, they are looking for a comfortable space to work, relax or to enjoy time between two meetings to slow down.

Glass conveys a significant influence in a constantly evolving environment, making spaces and interiors aesthetically lively and high spirited.

And more

Our process is both driven by our expertise and an open approach.

That’s why FeelInGlass® implements leverages to bring value in its partnerships.

By creating synergy in our methods, we co-develop alongside you to create long-term initiatives.

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