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Thin and ultra-thin glass with custom shapes and surface treatments: etching, printing,anti glare, anti reflective, anti finger print.

Applications: clusters, touch displays, screen covers, control panels, infotainment systems.

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Decorative thin glass ranges dedicated to interior design.

Three collections of inspirational colours and patterns.

Open up the possibilities !

Applications: interior spaces, furniture and many more.

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Design & Integration

FeelInGlass team


FeelInGlass® offers to turn your inspiration into reality. Our team of designers and engineers accompany you from your project ideation until its achievement.

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virtual car interior display

Virtual Prototyping & Model

Thanks to virtual prototyping we provide realistic renders of the final result. The simulated images are based on accurate technical details reflecting  the real conditions of orientation and lighting.

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armrest display

Technology Integration

By combining touch, hearing and sight, thin glass is able to create immersive experiences. FeelInGlass® enables you to combine different technologies to dive into an interactive, pioneering environment.

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Call upon our rapid glass prototyping offer : ShapeYourGlass

We are keen to share our thin glass processing know-how with you, to bring your projects to life.

Prototyping enables you to iterate and result in your projects in just a few weeks.

Let's discuss together Your dream in glass

FeelInGlass® is dedicated to realising your projects. Drawing on our expertise we offer you co-creation to suit your requirements. We seek a new vision for thin glass, to improve our field of possibilities and thus to design our future environment.
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