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StreetSmartDoor – Spotlight

In a collaborative effort, International Automotive Components Group (IAC) and AGC Automotive Europe, through FeelInGlass®, have come together to join their expertise towards a common project. Initially introduced during the 2019 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, it turns out to be a visionary concept of what glass is capable of […]

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Automotive Interiors Expo 2021

“Automotive Interiors Exhibitions (held in Stuttgart & Novi, MI) are about style, innovation, comfort, quality and texture. This show is a must-visit for Tier 1 suppliers as well as for interior design teams from car manufacturers wanting to keep up with the rapidly changing world of materials, finishes and technologies that contribute to ‘touch and […]

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FeelInGlass® introduces its new vision of decorative glass for the 2022 series.

In the continuity of our first release for FeelInspiration last year, 2022 represents a new milestone for our three new series of samples.   Last year, FeelInGlass® unveiled an exclusive vision of decorative applications for thin glass making a breakthrough in an unexplored scope. Indeed, the increasing need in lightweight, durable and versatile materials was […]

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Auto Interiors

FeelInGlass® to exhibit at Automotive Interiors Expo 2021

After a long period of uncertainty regarding the organization of trade shows, many of them happening in a digital format, we are delighted to announce that FeelInGlass® and its team members will exhibit at the coming Automotive Interiors Expo 2021. “Automotive Interiors Exhibitions (held in Stuttgart & Novi, MI) are about style, innovation, comfort, quality and […]

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Automotive interior displays revamp car cockpits

Autonomy, connectivity or electrification are well known trends in the automotive market. Displaying information is now a necessity in cockpits. Human to machine interactions are becoming increasingly recurrent. But as vehicles are not fully autonomous yet, the challenge here is to find the right compromise between safety, functionality and user experience both for the driver […]

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Opening up new possibilities with FeelInspiration

The FeelInGlass® team is proud to introduce new possibilities in thin glass customization through its range FeelInspiration, unveiling an exclusive video to present our first collections for this year. The evolution of needs in design and display integration are making challenging the way manufacturers are adapting to this trend. Indeed, displays are more numerous in […]

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