Process & CapabilitiesOur Vision

Through its operating fields in the glass industry, FeelInGlass® has been developing its expertise at every steps of the production processes to value more its commitment regarding its partners.

We work closely in touch with Tier 1 and OEMs in glass product integration to address not only the market needs, but also to further anticipate what will be the next challenges in the transportation industry.

Prototyping and industrialisation

Glass is a hardly material to conceptualize, that’s why we implement different steps to make it as tangible as possible.

Our prototyping process enables high fidelity preview of glass through a custom realistic render taking into account the lighting environment and design constraints.

The small series testing phase allows us to make trials and assess the quality.

Mechanical, functional and aesthetic properties of glass prototypes are crucial to evaluate the feasibility of any project.

Technology integration

User experience is prominently considered in the development of innovations. Glass evolves therefore as a versatile material in the integration process of devices and new functionalities for the best immersive experience.

FeelinGlass® constantly develops alongside its partners new ways to consider aesthetically pleasant and functional atmospheres.

Haptic improves the touch feeling of your screens

A touchscreen with tactile feedback gives new dimensions to screen interaction.

This haptic technology can create the sensation of actually touching physical buttons and switches. Synchronising sound, image and touch makes your devices more intuitive and functional. This technology is compatible with all types of touchscreens, helping users to improve their performance, productivity and security.

Audio Glass pushes the boundaries of your possibilities even further

Thin glass can pick up vibrations and transmit them in the form of sound.

It’s up to you to exploit all the properties of glass with sight and sound, by combining this with our decorative products.

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