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We develop thin glass solutions for new Mobility needs combining technology integration and decorative features.
Through our operating fields in the glass industry, our team of engineers and designers constantly develops its expertise at every steps of the production processes for the widest commitment spectrum towards our partners.
We work closely with tier-1s and OEMs for integrating glass products into the majority of interiors.
We address the current mobility market needs, but also take a step forward in the CASE framework to anticipate the coming challenges in the transportation industry.

Our purpose

Drawing on our unique experience, we appeal to all your senses in co-designing your project. Our several fields of expertise give a more powerful dimension to your projects: like realistic renders, fast prototyping, integration of electronic technologies.

Our strengths

  • Innovation First

    Innovation First

    We go beyond the conventional possibilities thanks to a new approach based on thin glass, maintaining a balance between ergonomy and aesthetic.
  • Co-creation


    Our aim is to build long-term orientation with our customers by providing them tailored expertise on their projects.
  • Reliable Agility

    Reliable Agility

    Our integrated structure allows great flexibility in our approach while benefiting from the significant means of an international group, AGC Glass Europe.
  • Local Supply-chain

    Local Supply-chain

    Our value chain is located in the EU area so that we are able to monitor each steps of our production process closely.
  • Serial production

    Serial production

    From small series testing to large scale serial production, our capabilities are well suited for glass industrialization processes.
  • Sustainability


    We implement the best practices in operational control to meet the standards required in term of sustainability.

Let's create Your project together

  • Thomas Lambricht

    Thomas Lambricht


  • Sébastien Caliaro

    Sébastien Caliaro


  • Norihiro Yoshitome

    Norihiro Yoshitome

    Business Developer

  • Etienne Degand

    Etienne Degand

    Commercial Director

  • Paolo Gherardi

    Paolo Gherardi

    Quality Director

  • Laurent Vandievoet

    Laurent Vandievoet

    Advanced Development Engineer

  • Alecsander Urbina

    Alecsander Urbina

    Program Manager

  • Benjamin Barbero

    Benjamin Barbero

    Program & Product Manager

  • Loïck Dogot

    Loïck Dogot

    Business Developer

  • Florent Delsaux

    Florent Delsaux

    Process Design Engineer

  • Benjamine Navet

    Benjamine Navet

    Technical Coordination Expert

  • Quentin Anne de Molina

    Quentin Anne de Molina

    Prototype Coordinator

  • Elise Castagné

    Elise Castagné

    Color and Materials Designer

  • Yann Hafer

    Yann Hafer

    Automotive Designer

  • César Colombo

    César Colombo

    Marketing & Communication

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