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FeelInGlass® is your new partner in thin glass, situated at the crossroads of innovation, design and technology. We develop thin glass solutions combining technology integration or decorative aspirations, depending on your requirements:
  • FeelInMotion provides a wide range of glass thicknesses and surface treatments to fit with car interior displays.
  • FeelInspiration is our  decorative glass range dedicated to interior environmnents.

Our purpose

Drawing on our unique experience, we appeal to all your senses in co-designing your project. Our several fields of expertise give a more powerful dimension to your projects: like realistic renders, fast prototyping, integration of electronic technologies.

Our strengths

  • Innovation First

    Innovation First

    We go beyond the conventional possibilities thanks to a new approach based on thin glass, maintaining a balance between ergonomy and aesthetic.
  • Co-creation


    Our aim is to build long-term orientation with our customers by providing them tailored expertise on their projects.
  • Reliable Agility

    Reliable Agility

    Our integrated structure allows great flexibility in our approach while benefiting from the significant means of an international group, AGC Glass Europe.
  • Local Supply-chain

    Local Supply-chain

    Our value chain is located in the EU area so that we are able to monitor each steps of our production process closely.
  • Serial production

    Serial production

    From small series testing to large scale serial production, our capabilities are well suited for glass industrialization processes.
  • Sustainability


    We implement the best practices in operational control to meet the standards required in term of sustainability.

Let's create Your project together

  • Thomas Lambricht

    Thomas Lambricht

    FeelInGlass Start-up Leader

  • Sébastien Caliaro

    Sébastien Caliaro

    Technical Manager

  • Cécile Musialski

    Cécile Musialski

    Business Developer

  • Xavier Carnoy

    Xavier Carnoy

    Product & Project Manager

  • Paolo Gherardi

    Paolo Gherardi

    Quality Manager

  • Laurent Vandievoet

    Laurent Vandievoet

    Advanced Development Engineer

  • Benjamine Navet

    Benjamine Navet

    Glass Surfaces Researcher

  • Loïck Dogot

    Loïck Dogot

    Glass Surfaces Researcher

  • Florent Delsaux

    Florent Delsaux

    Technical coordinator

  • Arthur Testau

    Arthur Testau

    Automotive Designer

  • Charlotte Jacob

    Charlotte Jacob

    Color and Materials Designer

  • César Colombo

    César Colombo


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