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FeelInGlass® is your new partner in thin glass, situated at the crossroads of innovation, design and technology.

We develop thin glass solutions combining technology integration or decorative aspirations, depending on your requirements:

  • FeelInMotion provides a wide range of glass thicknesses and surface treatments to fit with car interior displays.

  • FeelInspiration dedicates its expertise in bringing a new vision of decorative glass thanks to a unique palette of shades, patterns and textures.

Our aim is to make the connection between your environment and your feelings.

Our purpose

Drawing on our unique experience, we appeal to all your senses in co-designing your project. Our several fields of expertise give a more powerful dimension to your projects: like realistic renders, fast prototyping, integration of electronic technologies.

Our strengths

  • Innovation First

    Innovation First

    We go beyond the conventional possibilities thanks to a new approach based on thin glass, maintaining a balance between ergonomy and aesthetic.
  • Co-creation


    Our aim is to build long-term orientation with our customers by providing them tailored expertise on their projects.
  • Reliable Agility

    Reliable Agility

    Our integrated structure allows great flexibility in our approach while benefiting from the significant means of an international group, AGC Glass Europe.
  • Local Supply-chain

    Local Supply-chain

    Our value chain is located in the EU area so that we are able to monitor each steps of our production process closely.
  • Patents


    Our strategy consists in putting efforts in patenting our products and production processes, to ensure quality.
  • Sustainability


    We implement the best practices in operational control to meet the standards required in term of sustainability.

Let's create Your project together

  • Thomas Lambricht

    Thomas Lambricht


  • Sylvain Drugman

    Sylvain Drugman


  • Sébastien Caliaro

    Sébastien Caliaro


  • Cécile Musialski

    Cécile Musialski

    Business Developper

  • Laurent Vandievoet

    Laurent Vandievoet

    Advanced Development Engineer

  • Charlotte Jacob

    Charlotte Jacob


  • Loïck Dogot

    Loïck Dogot

    Glass Surfaces Researcher

  • Florent Delsaux

    Florent Delsaux

    Glass Surfaces Technician

  • César Colombo

    César Colombo


  • Xavier Gillon

    Xavier Gillon

    Glass Strength Researcher

  • Quentin Anne de Molina

    Quentin Anne de Molina

    Prototype Coordinator

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