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FeelInGlass® is your new partner in thin glass, situated at the crossroads of innovation, design and technology. We develop solutions that can be both traditional and inspirational, depending on your requirements, in two major sectors: Mobility and Integrated.

Born of the alchemy between several flourishing ideas, the aim of FeelInGlass® is to make the connection between your environment and your feelings. Our thin glass solutions are always ahead of the rest: with a wide range of thicknesses, shapes and surface treatments, you can turn your projects into reality.

We work along with you to create a solution that meets your requirements, combining the quality of glass with financial feasibility, lightweight material and care for the environment.

Our purpose

Drawing on our unique experience, we appeal to all your senses in co-designing your project. Thanks to virtual prototyping, you get a 360° view of your project augmented by other techniques such as haptics, audio and video. We aim to give our partners the means to improve their daily life, against a background of constant progress.

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  • Innovation First

    Innovation First

    We go beyond the conventional possibilities thanks to a new approach based on thin glass, maintaining a balance between mobility and integration.
  • Co-creation


    By concentrating on the needs of our customers we build a solid relationship and maximise our creativity. We encourage cooperation for each of our new projects, offering real expertise and coordination to arrive at the best solutions.
  • Reliable Agility

    Reliable Agility

    By combining the flexibility of a small team with the resources of a large group, we are able to meet all your requirements. We devote particular attention to efficient production, so as to offer ultra-strong, thin glass that combines durability with the best properties in terms of optics, acoustics and touch feeling.

Let's create Your project together

  • Thomas Lambricht

    Thomas Lambricht


  • Sylvain Drugman

    Sylvain Drugman


  • Alexandre Thissen

    Alexandre Thissen


  • Sébastien Caliaro

    Sébastien Caliaro


  • Cécile Musialski

    Cécile Musialski

    Business Developper

  • Laurent Vandievoet

    Laurent Vandievoet

    Advanced Development Engineer

  • Charlotte Jacob

    Charlotte Jacob


  • Loïck Dogot

    Loïck Dogot

    Glass Surfaces Researcher

  • Sarah Baghouil

    Sarah Baghouil

    Glass Surfaces Researcher

  • Florent Delsaux

    Florent Delsaux

    Glass Surfaces Technician

  • César Colombo

    César Colombo


  • Xavier Gillon

    Xavier Gillon

    Glass Strength Researcher

  • Quentin Anne de Molina

    Quentin Anne de Molina

    Prototype Coordinator

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