Combination of displays and decorative treatments

As HMI integrate more and more substrates, the front layer i.e. the cover glass, is one of the most important component since it represents the direct interaction with its user whether it is by sight and/or by touch.

Acid etching (anti-glare) ranges, hydrophobic and anti-reflective coatings from FeelInGlass® allow for a premium experience of displays.

Their combination with PVD treatments and/or screen printing in customised patterns can allow a seamless integration of these products in the interior.

Displays multiplication

The automotive sector has been witnessing an increasing interest in integrating wider and more numerous screens within car cockpits.

As a result, this trend confirms the necessity to rethnik the way screens are integrated.

Street Smart Door demonstrator

As a proof of concept for FeelInGlass, our Street Smart Door demonstrates applications of thin glass product in a whole door panel, unveiling diverse useful and entertaining functions for the driver.

Discover the full story behind the Street Smart Door Demo concept.

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